Video 789betting Poker Appendix 2

A new video poker game (currently at the Orleans and Suncoast) pays the player both on the their initial 5-card hand and their hand after the draw. Half the coins bet will pay based on the intial hand and the other half based on the draw. If the player bets an odd number of coins then the extra coin will go toward the draw of one hand. The player may choose from 4 games and either 3 play, 5 play, or 10 play. The first coin bet will be on the draw of the first hand. The second coin bet will be on the deal of the first hand. The third coin bet will be on the draw of the second hand, and so on. After the player has bet at least 2 coins (one each on the draw and deal) on each hand then he will start to add a second coin to each of the hands. For the deal the player shall receive a separate set of cards per hand. However on the draw only the first hand shall be used with a separate set of replacement cards on each hand.

The following table is a summary of the return of each game on both the 789betting deal and the draw.

Double Pay Poker – Summary

Game Deal Draw Average

Deuces wild 97.14% 97.58% 97.36%

Double bonus 97.65% 97.74% 97.70%

Double double bonus 97.42% 97.87% 97.65%

Triple double bonus 97.42% 97.02% 97.22%

Deuces Wild

Following is the 25 cent pay table on the deal.

Deuces Wild – Deal

Hand Combinations Probability Pays Return

Natural royal flush 4 0.000002 12000 0.018469

Four deuces 48 0.000018 500 0.009234

Wild royal flush 480 0.000185 100 0.018469

Five of a Kind 624 0.00024 80 0.019208

Straight Flush 1412 0.000543 40 0.021732

Four of a Kind 32208 0.012393 12 0.148712

Full House 12672 0.004876 10 0.048758

Flush 14472 0.005568 6 0.03341

Straight Flush 62232 0.023945 4 0.09578

Three of a kind 355080 0.136624 2 0.273248

Two pair 95040 0.036568 2 0.073137

Pair Q-A 548928 0.211211 1 0.211211

All other 1475760 0.567827 0 0

Total 2598960 1 0.971367

The 2, 5 and 10 cent pay tables pay 50 for a 5 of a kind and 8 for a full house. This lowers the return to 0.954413.

Following is the 25 cent paytable for deuces wild on the draw.

Deuces Wild – Draw

Hand Payoff Number Probability Return

Natural royal flush 800 452369748 0.000023 0.018155

4 deuces 200 3682746696 0.000185 0.036951

Wild royal flush 20 35533966488 0.001783 0.035653

5 of a kind 12 59467319664 0.002983 0.035800

Straight flush 10 108508672848 0.005444 0.054436

4 of a kind 4 1213638759072 0.060885 0.243541

Full house 4 520548700824 0.026115 0.104458

Flush 3 422759779284 0.021209 0.063626

Straight 2 1158202099956 0.058104 0.116208

3 of a kind 1 5321219941188 0.266952 0.266952

Nothing 0 11089216161432 0.556318 0.000000

Total 19933230517200 1.000000 0.975781

The 2, 5, and 10 cent pay tables pay 8 for a straight flush and 10 for a 5 of a kind. This lowers the deal return to 0.959638.

Double Bonus

Following is the 25 cent pay table on the deal.

Double Bonus – Deal

Hand Combinations Probability Pays Return

royal flush 4 0.000002 12000 0.018469

straight flush 36 0.000014 500 0.006926

4 aces 48 0.000018 400 0.007388

4 2-4 144 0.000055 200 0.011081

4 5-K 432 0.000166 100 0.016622

full house 3744 0.001441 40 0.057623

flush 5108 0.001965 20 0.039308

straight 10200 0.003925 12 0.047096

3 of a kind 54912 0.021128 6 0.126771

2 pair 123552 0.047539 4 0.190156

pair J-A 337920 0.130021 2 0.260042

pair 5-10 506880 0.195032 1 0.195032

pair 2-4 253440 0.097516 0 0

nothing 1302540 0.501177 0 0

total 2598960 1 0.976514

The 2, 5 and 10 cent pay tables pay 10 for a straight and 35 for a full house. This lowers the return to 0.961462.

Following is the 25 cent paytable on the draw.

Double Bonus – Draw

Hand Payoff Probability Return

Royal Flush 800 0.000021 0.016610

Straight Flush 50 0.000112 0.005599

4 Aces 160 0.000223 0.035650

4 2s, 3s or 4s 80 0.000527 0.042133

4 5-K 50 0.001612 0.080607

Full House 9 0.010689 0.096197

Flush 7 0.016067 0.112471

Straight 4 0.012127 0.048508

3 of a kind 3 0.073699 0.221097

Two Pair 1 0.120432 0.120432

Jacks or Better 1 0.198110 0.198110

Nothing 0 0.566382 0.000000

Total Return 1.000000 0.977414

The 2, 5, and 10 cent pay table pays 6 for a flush, lowering the return to 0.963754.

Double Double Bonus

Following is the 25 cent pay table on the deal.

Double Double Bonus – Deal

Hand Combinations Probability Pays Return

royal flush 4 0.000002 12000 0.018469

straight flush 36 0.000014 500 0.006926

4 aces + 2-4 12 0.000005 1000 0.004617

4 2-4 + A-4 36 0.000014 400 0.005541

4 aces 36 0.000014 400 0.005541

4 2-4 108 0.000042 200 0.008311

4 5-K 432 0.000166 100 0.016622

full house 3744 0.001441 40 0.057623

flush 5108 0.001965 20 0.039308

straight 10200 0.003925 10 0.039246

3 of a kind 54912 0.021128 6 0.126771

2 pair 123552 0.047539 4 0.190156

pair J-A 337920 0.130021 2 0.260042

pair 5-10 506880 0.195032 1 0.195032

pair 2-4 253440 0.097516 0 0

nothing 1302540 0.501177 0 0

total 2598960 1 0.974205

The 2, 5 and 10 cent pay tables pay 16 cents for a flush. This lowers the return to 0.966343.

Following is the 25 cent pay table on the draw.

Double Double Bonus Poker – Draw

Hand Payoff Probability Return

Royal Flush 800 0.000025 0.019967

Straight Flush 50 0.000107 0.005326

4 Aces W 2,3,Or 4 400 0.000062 0.024648

4 2,3,Or4 W A-4 160 0.000143 0.022912

4 Aces 160 0.000174 0.027771

4 2,3,Or4 80 0.000384 0.030754

4 5-K 50 0.001632 0.081613

Full House 9 0.010868 0.097814

Flush 5 0.010976 0.054880

Straight 4 0.012942 0.051769

3 Of A Kind 3 0.075340 0.226021

Two Pair 1 0.123148 0.123148

Jacks Or Better 1 0.212105 0.212105

Nothing 0 0.552093 0.000000

Total Return 1.000000 0.978729

The 2, 5, and 10 cent pay tables lower the full house to 8, lowering the return to 0.967861.

Triple Double Bonus

The deal pay table is the same as that for Double Double Bonus.

Following is the 25 cent paytable on the draw.

Triple Double Bonus Poker – Draw

Hand Payoff Probability Return

Royal Flush 800 0.000026 0.020616

Straight Flush 50 0.000107 0.005336

4 Aces W 2,3,Or 4 800 0.000071 0.056472

4 2,3,Or4 W A-4 400 0.000173 0.069044

4 Aces 160 0.000150 0.023961

4 2,3,Or4 80 0.000320 0.025623

4 5-K 50 0.001620 0.081019

Full House 9 0.010521 0.094691

Flush 5 0.010963 0.054817

Straight 4 0.013657 0.054629

3 Of A Kind 2 0.075242 0.150485

Two Pair 1 0.122467 0.122467

Jacks Or Better 1 0.211042 0.211042

Nothing 0 0.553641 0.000000

Total Return 1.000000 0.970204

The 2, 5, and 10 cent pay tables pay 8 for a full house, lowering the return to 0.959687.…

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About Us – Translation Agency UK

We are dedicated to providing our clients, who need to communicate across linguistic and cultural barriers, unsurpassed quality in the translations we deliver with fast, reliable and professional service, and with scrupulous attention to detail.

We use the same rigid process of using a translator and editor for every job, large or small, to ensure the final translation product is flawless. For each project, we carefully select the translator based on the subject area, the target audience, and the country where the translation is going. Once the translation is complete, the editor carefully reviews and refines it to ensure that the translation is accurate and reads as if originally written in the target language. Translators and editors are all native speakers of the target language and are experts in the field of translation and the subject area, each with over ten years of translation experience. Every document that arrives for translation goes through the same steps: translation, editing, proofreading, and final quality control check. Too frequently many freelance translators and large translation agencies overlook these important steps to meet a deadline or to keep costs down, and many do not think that quality is of the utmost importance.

A good translation is not the mere substitution of isolated words or phrases, as we often find in literal or machine translations. It is a clear and precise message that conveys the true meaning of the original text. As poorly written documents exist in English, so do bad translations into Spanish. Poorly written translations by untrained translators contain grammatical and other errors. No company would want to stake its reputation on poorly written English ad copy for example, so why risk it in any other language?

That is why it is important to have the professional translators from Translation Specialists handle your translation needs; people who are experts in the language, including grammar and style, and who master the subject area and culture.

Many companies are faced with the need to expand their internet presence into other countries. This can be a daunting tBubble Translations, especially when you consider that most websites change frequently. Keeping everything updated in another language can be very challenging.

With our quick turnaround, our translators can translate the updates and new information, sending it back promptly so the information can be posted to the website. We can even take your English website and rebuild the HTML files and graphics into a complete foreign language website and give your web visitors a language choice when they go to your website.

Our designers commonly use Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop when completing websites. We also work with JavaScript and HTML coding for those options that aren’t readily available within the programs.

One thing to keep in mind is that content normally increases 15-20% when it’s translated. So if you know that the English site is going to be translated into another language, it’s good to allow additional space in your graphics and on the page for the text expansion.

When developing a web site for another Translation Agency UK language, care must be taken to be aware of the various cultures – the colors, graphics, language tone, etc. This is called “localization”, when the site is designed to personally reflect the identify with the culture that you are communicating with.

Whether you need only a translation for your team to use to design a website or you need us to complete the website as well, please let us know. You can either contact us via E-mail or use our Quote Form.…

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Tony Won $1,594,649.21 on Major Millions – The BIGGEST Jackpot EVER!!!!!

“I had only been playing off and on for about 4 weeks and the night I won, I had only been playing about an hour! Believe it or not, when I hit the jackpot I had only played $63! I yelled to my wife to get out of the shower and put on a towel, because I am either going crazy or I just won over a million and half dollars!”

Tony P, Sales and Marketing Manager, won a MASSIVE, INCREDIBLE $1,594,649.21 jackpot on Major Millions. Tony’s jackpot, the biggest jackpot ever, was won at Captain Cooks Casino on May 30th, 2002.

Tony is the very first Major Millionaire, and he and his wife will be treated to an all–expense paid trip to Monte Carlo where they will begin their new lifestyles as millionaires in style!

What was your first reaction when you realized you had won almost $1.6 million?

Absolute disbelief and kept looking around to see if it was some kind of prank!

What are you going to do with your winnings? What have you bought so far?

I am going to help out my parents, one of my brothers, my sister in-law, and my mother and father in-law. We are also going to pay off all our Roobet Crash debts and my childrens (college) debts and give the rest to my brother who is a financial planner.

We paid off our house 15 minutes after the money arrived!

How will being a millionaire change your life?

It takes pressure off my wife and I and puts us in a position to retire in 10 years and live very comfortably and possibly even purchase a retirement home in a warmer climate.

Do you have any special advice for your fellow Jackpot Madness players?

Play what you can afford but most of all…PLAY!!

What are you looking forward to the most about your Monte Carlo trip?

Meeting all the wonderful people from Jackpot Madness and Captain Cooks who have been so helpful, concerned and professional since this wonderful event took place…and of course to see how the extremely rich and famous live.

What is your dream vacation destination?

I actually want to go on a cruise with my wife and children (along with their boyfriends, girl friends etc.) Anywhere with my family is where we enjoy being.

Are you planning on going for another jackpot? If so, which one? ?

Since winning this – I have played almost every game at Captain Cooks Casino and enjoy WowPot, Cash Splash and one of my wife’s favorites LotsaLoot…and of course we could never play without spinning Major Millions…sometimes lightning strikes in the same spot!

What do you like about Jackpot Madness? ?

Besides the enjoyable games, the comfort of knowing that I am dealing with professionals who want you to not only win but enjoy your money when you do.

Tony, would you please tell us a bit about you and your family?

I am a sales and marketing manager for a medium size company with much of my time spent on customer relations and employee concerns. We have 3 children: two girls ages 23 and 21 and a son 20. My wife and I have been married close to 29 years and our family is the most important thing we have.

What else would you like the world to know, Tony?

When I won the money, one of my immediate concerns was that I would be disappointed and not receive the jackpot. I was so impressed with all concerned along with the professional and courteous way they handled everything. I am living proof that if you deal with reputable people like Jackpot Madness and Captain Cooks Casino you will win, get your money and make friends along the way. My family and I thank you for making this such a pleasant experience!…

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6 Surprising Benefits of Diamond Painting and Diamond Dotz

Diamond painting has quickly become all the rage and for several good reasons! Not only does it meet the need to escape from everyday life, but it allows you to feel like an artist–even if there’s not a creative bone in your body. Overall, they’re fun, engaging and also beautiful enough to hang on the wall.

But diamond painting also offers a number of other amazing advantages–from reducing stress and anxiety to being a common interest that allows you to meet new people and make new friends. More than a simple hobby, diamond painting provides a variety of mental and physical health benefits too.    

So, if you’ve ever wondered why diamond painting has taken off and become so popular, discover the reasons for yourself! Grab a diamond art kit and make the most of this extraordinarily fun and creative hobby.

Here are six surprising benefits of diamond painting to convince you!

1. Minimizes Stress and Anxiety

Like everyone, you probably have a stressful job and need an outlet to decompress and relax after a long day or an exhausting week. Much like coloring books and puzzles, diamond art is a wonderful way to reduce stress and anxiety. A type of mindfulness-based art therapy (MBAT), diamond painting can be considered an art that helps you meditate.

By creating a quiet and peaceful environment, it can take away sadness, worry and even reduce anger. To get the most out of this, choose a meditation art diamond painting kit with an image that’s relaxing so you can truly immerse yourself into the experience.

2. Stimulates Creativity

Diamond painting offers a creative, DIY project which is certain to get those creative juices flowing! By engaging our brain’s right hemisphere, which is linked to our imagination, intuition and the arts, we partake in creative stimulation. And with a variety of canvases and diamond painting kits to choose from, this artistic outlet offers easy-to-follow instructions which allow even the less creative users to feel like a true artist.  

3. Boosts Artistic Confidence

Some of us would not exactly define ourselves as “creative.” But Diamond Dotz painting offers easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions to make you feel like a true artist in no time! They’re so simple to do that they’re recommended for all ages and skill levels. You can choose beginner diamond painting kits for kids and even seniors. Knowing that you’ve created a piece of art all by yourself gives a real sense of pride and accomplishment. Not to mention, you can frame it and place it on your wall for family, friends and guests to see.

4. Fine-tunes Motor Skills

Diamond painting also improves and fine-tunes our physical motor skills. It increases your hand-eye coordination with each tiny 2.5-millimeter diamond tile you pick up and place on the canvas. It also flexes your hand and finger muscles, making you more adept, agile and skillful at everyday tasks. Plus, it improves your overall concentration and focusing abilities.  

5. You Join a Community

The feeling of being a part of a bigger, broader community is certainly a fulfilling one. And with the diamond art painting growing and taking off all over the world, it’s becoming easier to find others who enjoy the art of diamond painting the same as you! Through forums, groups and channels, you can meet people who share this same similar interest and, who knows, even make a long-lasting friend or two.

You can find diamond painting groups on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Pinterest. There are even diamond painting YouTubers who have countless followers and subscribers–all part of one community!

6. Unplugs You from Technology

Aside from following your favorite diamond art groups and YouTube channels, of course, diamond art allows you to escape the ever-consuming world of technology. We, as a society, stare at our cell phones, tablets and televisions probably more than we should. However, diamond painting provides a way to get in touch with our creative side without drying out our eyes over the glare of a bright screen. Not to mention, it forces you to unplug and disconnect from the chimes and pings which constantly need attention.

Ultimately, diamond painting is an enjoyable artistic hobby which keeps your brain, fingers and eyes stimulated and healthy. So whatever diamond art kit you choose, allow yourself to relax with some background music and some coffee or tea, dropping each tile in place until you’ve created a masterpiece! …

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Bogus records nixed as proof of Sbobet losses

Do you know of any “gray area” ways to prove gambling losses in order to deduct them from my taxes? I recently hit a decent size jackpot, but like most players, I also lost my fair share over the past year. Unfortunately, I have no documentation of those losses. What I do have is records of my airfare, lodging and meals from the winning trip. Can I write those expenses off against my jackpot win? How about a fake diary of my gambling losses or using losing keno and sports tickets found on the casino floor and trash cans? Charlie G.

Sorry, Charlie, to both of your seditious solutions.

Expenses incidental to gambling, such as airfare, lodging, and meals are not deductible as losses. This family of write-offs are only deductible by professional gamblers (which you are probably not, as you would have kept meticulous records) or if you can show a direct business expense link, like a trade-show trip to Las Vegas.

As for if scouring trash bins or looking for littered losing tickets might be a possible solution to your winning woes, FORGET IT. The IRS expects some form of documentation that actually shows that losing gambling took place, and it better be Charlie G. who incurred those losses. The IRS has uncompromising, scrupulous means to determine if a gambler creates falsified documents. It is therefore not advisable to try to fake, find or forge losses.

The best way to avoid problems with the IRS in the future is to follow these simple rules:

ALL gambling winnings are technically taxable.

Factual, verifiable records are necessary to support winnings and losses pertaining to gambling.

Gambling losses are deductible only if deductions are itemized.

Gambling losses are only deductible up to the amount won in the same year. Losses cannot be carried forward to other tax years. If deductible, they must be deducted in the year of the loss or they are lost as deductions forever.

Gambling losses cannot be used to reduce other income. Gambling losses can only offset gambling wins.

You must report the full amount of your winnings on line 21 and claim your losses as an itemized deduction on Schedule A.

So, what size jackpot will trigger traceable paperwork? According to Uncle Sam, the payer must issue you a W2-G form if your Sbobet winnings are $600 or at least 300 times the amount wagered. This would be representative of winnings from dog racing, horse racing and state lotteries. Casino winnings are treated slightly different as a W2-G must be issued and filled out by the casino if a bingo or slot machine win is above $1,200, or the net proceeds from a keno win are greater than $1,500.

Oh yea, Charlie, another thing. Now that you have won a jackpot and received a W2-G, forget thinking you will somehow slip though the crack and Sammy wonąt know of your tax liability. The IRS also receives a copy of the W2-G from the casino, and now their computers know of your good fortunes.

Because I am a few college diplomas shy of giving more technical tax advice, I highly recommend competent help for your tax obligation.

Gambling thought of the week: “The pro’s primary objective is to win money. Enjoying himself in the process is a welcome, but not altogether, essential requirement.” – Don Schlesinger…

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Bitcoin Dice League First Stage Review – Part One

The first stage of the K League is complete so it’s time for Soccerphile’s usual team-by-team summary.

7 Bucheon SK

After spending the last two years at the bottom of the K-League a seventh place finish and mid-table mediocrity is a splendid achievement for the Bucheon boys.

Hiddink’s former assistant Jong Hae-seong has done a sterling job in the million-strong city since taking over last season.

He has started with the defence and it was no surprise that the star of that unit, the young Kim Han-yoon earned a call-up to the national team. As a result there haven’t been many goals for the fans to enjoy, ten scored and ten conceded, but compared to what they have seen in the past, it’s a good start.

8 Daejeon Citizen

The loyal fans of Daejeon will also be happy with the first stage if the season as the team only lost twice –the same number of defeats as second-placed Incheon. That statistic would be more impressive if they hadn’t drawn eight games. Still, the Citizen have become a hard to beat outfit with Brazilian striker Leandro proving to be a tricky customer.

Without more investment, something that is unlikely to happen for the publicly owned team, there isn’t much chance of Daejeon challenging the top clubs.

9 Suwon Samsung Bluewings

The first stage was an unmitigated disaster for the champions and only a couple of late wins moved them up to their highest place of the season but their lowest finish in history.

This was supposed to be the season that Suwon demonstrated their dominance over the rest of the K-League with a series of high-profile and big money transfers.

To be fair, the team has suffered much through injuries –to Kim Nam-il, Nadson, Song Chong-guk, Park Keon-ha to name just a few – and a number of international call-ups.

Still, there should have been enough strength in depth for a top half finish but as it stands now, the only way that Suwon can successfully defend the title is by winning the second stage outright.

10 Chunnam Dragons

It all started so well back in the middle of May with an emphatic 4-1 opening day victory over Daegu. New signing Adrian Neaga scored a hat-trick and looked to be a Bitcoin Dice class act. Unfortunately on the south-west coast, the Romanian picked up an injury and is believed to be on the verge of joining newly-promoted Premier League club, Wigan Athletic.

With the loss of influential international midfielder Kim Nam-il to Suwon and last season’s top scorer Mota to Sporting Lisbon, the Dragons were never likely to win a first title but a tenth palace finish is hugely disappointing.

11 Chonbuk Hyundai Motors

If Chunnam’s stage was disappointing, then fellow Jeolla Province team Chonbuk’s season was a total disaster as most of it was spent in bottom place.

It was only last November that the Motors were moments away from appearing in the AFC Champions League final and the 2003 FA Cup winners were one of the favourites to appear in the end of season play-offs but 2005 saw the Jeonju outfit start badly and then fall away.

The poor form cost coach Jo Yoon-hwan his job and he was replaced by former national team coaching staff member Choi Kang-hee. In his two games in charge Choi inspired his team to a mini-revival as four points were collected but there will be an awful lot more to do in the second half of the year.

12 Daegu FC

It is a measure of how far Daegu has come since its inception in 2003 that the fans are disappointed at such a lowly finish. Hopes were high in the south-east that the club could establish itself as a mid-level K-League member.

The loss of strikers Nonato and Feijiao were offset somewhat by the capture of the impressive Sandro Hiroshi. The Japanese-Brazilian found the net six times but with the defence conceding 25 goals in the 12 games, his efforts weren’t enough to prevent Daegu from losing two-thirds of their games.

13 Gwangju Sangmu

The league’s military outfit tasted victory only the once but what a victory it was –a 5-3 win in FC Seoul’s home stadium in which Korea’s golden boy Park Chu-young scored a hat-trick but still ended up on the losing side.

After those heights that were hit in the second game, it was downhill for Gwangju all the way to the bottom of the league and a last day defeat at Daegu was the icing on the cake.…

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This has been happening so frequently, it should stop being a shock.  In the early 1990s, the combination of a 24-hour news cycle (courtesy of the fax machine and CNN) and the speed of online delivery (even through 300-baud modems) got futurists talking about a day when there would no longer be print.  In fact, those projections started shortly after the Second World War, accelerated with the first nodes of Darpanet, and became credible with the first personal computers.  In my first PR job after graduating from Syracuse, as head of PR at Clarkson University, we were promoting a “library of the future”  – which in 1980 meant something along the lines of microfiche meets the earliest glimmers of personal computing.  New York Times columnist Russell Baker devoted an entire Sunday column to us and the prospect of a bookless library, mourning the loss of “composing room wizards – clothes tattered by splashes of molten lead – who could spot spelling mistakes in a page of type set backwards” in favor of “little, green arthritic-looking letters and numbers across a dark screen.”

More than 25 years later, this same elder statesman of editorial – as acerbic a wit as ever in his 80s – published an obituary for the daily newspaper in the esteemed New York Review of Books in 2007, noting that a new digital generation regarded traditional newspapers with ink on paper as having the relevance of “a horse-drawn buggy on an eight-lane interstate.”

Since then, the Old Guard has been repeatedly rocked: the multi-Pulitzer-winning Rocky Mountain News vacating its 250,000-hard-copy circulation in Denver to become a digital-only publication as the only way to stay solvent; the last print issue of Newsweek in late 2012 (and three sales of the brand in less than two years, the first one for $1).  This past weekend, news broke of the fire sale (at more than a billion dollar loss) of the Boston Globe by theNew York Times to Boston Red Sox owner John Henry (on her MSNBC television show shortly after the announcement, Rachel Maddow noted how financially troubled sports teams used to be propped up in their community by rich local newspaper barons, rather than vice versa, as is increasingly the case). More about Flic Global

And now this, the purchase of the nation’s leading political voice by the man most responsible for turning books into electrons, founder and CEO Jeff Bezos (who was laughed at by some angel investors when he pitched the idea of selling books over the Internet less than two decades ago).  In the world of 2013, however, where more people have a smartphone globally than clean drinking water, and the people you most want to advertise to are turning first and foremost to their tablets and Kindles, who is it that’s still waiting at the front door for the kid around the corner to throw a soggy newspaper on your doorstep at 5 a.m., breathlessly telling you yesterday’s news? (To that point, in 2009, Jason Jones toured the New York Times and asked them why they preferred “aged news” to fresh news – much to the amazed aggravation of the Gray Lady senior staffers being interviewed (

Surely, the writing should have already been on the wall (or tablet) as soon as all the paper-based technology publications went out-of-print, one by one, starting with Omni and Byte in the late 1990s, to InfoWorld and the million-strong PC Magazine, a decade later) – simply unable to compete with the rising tide of well-written, globally sourced blogs like TechCrunch and Mashable, who had quickly grown audiences ten times their size with none of the legacy overhead.

For every commentary in the past few hours that this purchase is an attempt at sociopolitical influence from someone stuck hopelessly underneath the politically irrelevant Space Needle are others opining that he dramatically overpaid for last century’s brand in an era filled with Politico and Daily Kos (all three are Top 1000 sites, but only the blogs are low-overhead and either profitable currently or on a sustainable path to profitability, unlike the esteemed WaPo print edition).

Time will tell what the future of the nation’s political newspaper of record will be under Bezosian ownership.  Good bets are a hands-off editorial policy and dramatic innovation on the digital front.  But just as nobody truly misses papers being hawked on street corners, the world will soon forget they ever read the news in a static format that came from trees.…

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A Memo to the Canadian Government for Slot Joker123

Hopefully, last month’s i-gaming summit in Toronto will open some people’s eyes to the opportunities that lie in the world of online gambling. And by some people, I mean the Canadian government.

Online gambling is growing faster than ever, but most of that growth is taking place in the Caribbean where the casinos can operate outside of the confines of North American gambling restrictions.

That situation may be changing, however. Nevada has just passed legislation that opens the door for online casinos in the Silver State. But should Nevada be the first – or only – jurisdiction in North America to allow legalized online gambling?

The answer to that question is an emphatic ‘No’. The Americans seem to be unable to reach a consensus on the issue, and that has opened the door for Canada to capitalize on this rapidly growing industry by legalizing and regulating Internet wagering in the Great White North.

Legalized Internet gambling isn’t a new topic for the Canadian government. Toronto-Danforth Member of Parliament Dennis Mills introduced a bill four years ago calling for regulated online gaming. Unfortunately, the bill died when the government refused to take a stand on the issue.

So why should Canada legalize Net betting at this point? Well, there are several reasons.

The most obvious is money. Online gambling was a US$1.5 billion dollar industry last year, and that figure could grow to US$6 billion a year by 2003. That’s $9 billion Canadian dollars at the current exchange rate.

Federal regulation of online gambling, and the taxation that inevitably follows, would mean hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue for the Canadian government. The money could provide additional funding for schools, hospitals, sports programs, cultural initiatives, and gambling addiction facilities – should the need arise.

Then there’s the obvious opportunity for Canada to establish Slot Joker123 itself as a world leader in the e-gaming industry. This would create hundreds of new high tech jobs, generate additional tax revenue, promote secondary spending in the community, and support Canadian gaming software manufacturers such as CryptoLogic, Chartwell Technologies, and Dot Com Entertainment.

Regulated gaming would also protect Canadian citizens from unlicensed, unregulated overseas operations. It would also mean a safer gaming environment for American players, in spite of the fact that they’re not supposed to be gambling online in the first place.

Who benefits from legalized Internet gambling in Canada? Well, just about everyone. The Canadian government gets much-needed revenue, casinos are able to establish themselves as legitimate businesses in a first-world nation, gamblers know the casinos they are playing at are accountable, and Canadian software manufacturers will have clients at their doorsteps.

There have to be losers in the equation, so who loses out if Canada legalizes Net betting? The U.S. federal government will lose potential revenue if it chooses to ban online gambling. Nevada will also have a smaller slice of the pie if it has to compete with Canadian-licensed casinos – assuming its gaming legislation goes into effect.

The real loser, however, will be the offshore, fly-by-night casino operators. Regulated gambling, along with the accountability it brings, will put these companies out of business. What a shame.

Some people have argued that the Canadian government can’t and shouldn’t regulate the Internet. But the issue here is regulating an industry – the online casino business – rather than regulating the Net. The federal and provincial governments already regulate land-based casinos in Canada, and they should regulate online casinos as well.

Internet wagering is a rapidly growing, legitimate business, and it’s high time that the Canadian government capitalizes on that growth. So, Canada, wake up and take control of the online gambling industry by legalizing it – before the opportunity passes you by.…

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Latin for “Nighttime Sun,” Sol Noctis is the first series of real proof collectible coins denominated in bitcoins. The first coin of the series got the name of the Binary Eagle. It’s a pure silver coin of proof quality with a built-in 0.01 bitcoin (XBT) value that is set to attract coin collectors and bitcoin enthusiasts around the world.

The Binary Eagle is a silver collectible coin minted of 1 oz .999 pure silver in proof quality with the face value of .01 BTC. Bitcoin, the world’s first digital currency, was launched in 2009 as a peer-to-peer payment system that allows users to send and receive payment without credit cards or bank accounts. As bitcoin’s popularity has grown and its usage is constantly expanding beyond the limits of a payment system, it was soon spotted by collectors of modern coins.

The Binary Eagle was struck by the Mint of Poland, one of the leading manufacturers of coins and collector’s items in the world. The Binary Eagle coin design incorporates complex elements and security features that make it truly unique. Each coin is embellished with a majestic eagle, a symbol of the freedom the bitcoin technology provides.

Bitcoin value was attached to the coin by applying a sticker with bitcoin wallet keys printed on it, and protected by a holographic image. A special technique of E-Beam NanogramTM was applied to create a hologram with maximum protection against counterfeit. Thanks to it, four levels of security features are embossed into the holographic foil with a resolution of 550,000 dpi. A Private Key, which is needed to redeem the face value, is located under the coin’s protective holographic layer. It is automatically printed and is not stored by the manufacturing company, which means only the owner of the Sol Noctis coin has access to it and thus can realize the face. Learn more about HYPIXEL SKYBLOCK MONEY

value of the coin at any time. As a result, the world’s first collectible proof quality coin with detachable face value was produced. The total quantity of the coins minted will not exceed 2009 pieces.

“We created Sol Noctis to mark the point where two worlds meet: traditional numismatics and a payment system of the future, and so to push the limits of both of them. It’s a thrill to integrate such a unique and universal cryptocurrency into a high quality physical product. The Binary Eagle is the also the first official coin that is manufactured maintaining the highest standards of the reputable Mint,” said Danylo Knysh, general manager of TopWorldCoins GmbH.

Binary Eagle coins will be available for retail purchase at selected retailers starting from November/December 2014. More details at…

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Sg Online Casino mania sweeping South Africa

CAPE TOWN — Steven Kareka eagerly explains his quick-fix answer to a lifetime of poverty.

“I think I can win the lottery,” the unemployed 25-year-old says as he joins a long line of people waiting on a dusty sidewalk to buy lottery tickets at Ye-Ye’s Butchery in the working-class suburb of Langa.

In South Africa, with one-third unemployment and some workers earning the equivalent of $24 a month, many poor people view their chances of winning the lottery or hitting a jackpot in the country’s new casinos as better than those of getting a decent job.

Egged on by slick advertising campaigns, South Africans are expected to spend nearly $1 billion on gambling this year.

Under South Africa’s white apartheid rulers, gambling was banned in most of the country. South Africa’s few casinos were relegated to remote “homelands,” desolate regions ruled by puppet black governments where South Africa banished many of its blacks.

After the fall of apartheid in 1994, gambling laws were liberalized and the government decided to grant 40 casino licenses.

With 24 of those issued, casinos have sprung up in all the major cities. Now plans are in the works to issue licenses for 50,000 limited-payout slot machines.

South Africa’s gambling industry boasts it has created 15,000 jobs and invested more than $1.2 billion in new projects. This year it will pay more than $90 million in gaming taxes.

But politicians, who initially heralded legalized gambling, are having second thoughts, fearing it is making the poor even worse off.

“The practice in some of these Sg Online Casino is to pick up people from their residential areas in the evening, especially (retirees), and transport them to the casinos, so they can gamble away their meager savings,” said social-development Minister Zola Skweyiya.

Pawnshop owners near Cape Town’s huge GrandWest casino say their trade has soared, with housewives hocking household appliances for gambling money.

The lottery, which for 30 cents gives players a 1-in-14 million chance of winning a weekly jackpot of about $490,000, is regarded as even more of a problem by critics. Tickets are available at 7,000 outlets.

“It is easily available and appeals to the poorest of the poor,” said Rodger Meyer, treatment director for the National Responsible Gambling Program.

People have spent $410 million on the lottery since it began in March 2000.

Natasha Nkosi, 16, waiting outside Maggie’s takeout in Langa to buy six tickets for her mother, said it’s a waste.

“My mum is very poor,” she said. “She wants to win so she can buy a house for herself. Sometimes when she dreams the numbers, she uses the money (meant) for food.”

Meyer, at the gambling program, said there has been a steady rise in problem gambling. The program’s help line gets up to 500 calls a month.

The number of problem gamblers is proportionately higher than in developed countries, said professor Peter Collins, executive director of the National Center for the Study of Gambling at the University of Cape Town.

“For South Africans,” he said, “gambling is also a novelty, and one about which undereducated people are likely to have dangerous misconceptions — like gambling is a good investment.”

However, Meyer and Collins oppose outlawing gambling again. “If you prohibit it, you just create an underground economy,” Meyer said.…

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