ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล Review of Fundamentals of Poker

There are a lot of people in this world that like to play poker, but don’t really know the ropes. A lot of fun games go on at kitchen tables that don’t look much like what is played in card rooms, and these public games can be extremely intimidating to people thinking about playing in a casino for the first time. Clearly, there is the need for a simple book that bridges the gap, that introduces the basic concepts of poker to a wide audience.

Fundamentals of Poker is a short book that can be easily read by the average reader in less than an hour. It starts with an introduction and a brief history of the game, that for being only two pages long, is fairly thorough. Next, the authors discuss some general guidelines for poker play, including hand rankings, general advice, and common poker etiquette.

The next two sections describe the basics of play of Seven Card Stud and Texas Hold’em, respectively. As these two games are the most commonly played in casinos, they obviously deserve the most attention. While the strategies presented here are extremely simple, they’re about as good as you’re going to get in a maximum of 15 pages in this format.

The book then presents a section on other popular games, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Stud 8, Razz, and Lowball. Needless to say, the strategies listed for each game is even more basic. The book also contains a glossary and a recommended reading list extremely heavy on books published by Two Plus Two Publishing.

I have some quibbles about some of the phrasings of explanations and ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล strategies, but these are minor at best. However, I do think the book comes up short on explaining casino decorum. I don’t think ten more pages would have harmed the book any, and extra information on how the house makes its money, how to get on the lists for games, and some more information on how casino games are likely to be different from home games (pace, quality of opposition, etc.) would have been well worth the effort. True, given the variation of procedures in today’s card rooms this isn’t an easy task. Yet, there are enough similarities that such a section could be extremely useful for the novice.

Nonetheless, the book does a very good job of encapsulating the very basics of poker in its small form factor, and I would recommend that just about anyone read it before playing poker in a casino for the first time. However, it’s not quite as much information as I wanted before I made my rookie debut in a card room. There is no real reason for a person who has played poker in a casino before to read this book.


A good book on the basics of the most popular games of poker played in public card rooms today. This book is aimed at the novice poker player, one who has never played in a casino before. However, I found the information on casino procedures to be lacking a little. If you’ve played casino poker already, don’t bother with this book unless you think you’re missing something truly fundamental and you have nobody you feel you can ask.…

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Land-based Judi Online Terpercaya Casino Heavyweights Finally Go Online

Well, it’s finally happened. Big name land-based casinos have officially joined the online casino market. Last week, U.K. dependency the Isle of Man granted online casino licenses to MGM Mirage (U.S.A.), Sun International Hotels (South Africa), and Littlewoods Leisure (U.K.), and in the process ushered in a new era for the online gaming industry.

These aren’t the first land-based gaming companies to go online, but things are a little different this time. The new licenses offer a higher level of regulation than ever before, and for the first time, a major U.S. gaming company will be offering real-money wagering on the Net.

There are a number of international jurisdictions that currently offer online casino licenses, but they generally employ a less-restrictive set of regulations. That has kept some of the big players on the sidelines, but things appear to be changing with the introduction of the Isle of Man licenses.

Officials there know they’re offering something special. Allan Bell, minister of Home Affairs of the Isle of Man, noted, “We … are in a different league altogether [from] this level of competition [offered in Antigua, etc.] … We are not aware that there are any similar regimes as well regulated anywhere else in the world.”

Regulators have worked diligently to exclude under-age gamblers and players from jurisdictions where online wagering is prohibited, as well as beefing up online security. Players will also have to set betting limits for themselves, and will be unable to bet on credit.

More importantly, each casino will have to keep £2 million (approximately US$3 million) on deposit to ensure that players will get paid if the casino goes out of business. And that kind of player protection is unheard of in other jurisdictions.

These stringent licensing regulations seem to appeal to Judi Online Terpercaya casinos worried about the side effects of a poorly planned online venture. In a company press release, Terry Lanni, chief executive of MGM Mirage, stated, “We look forward to operating an Internet gaming site from the Isle of Man because its government has chosen to develop proper licensing and regulation.”

But why is MGM Mirage opening an online casino in the U.K. when the state of Nevada – where the company is headquartered – may be offering its own online casino licenses in the not-too-distant future?

The simple answer is because the company doesn’t want to get left behind. MGM already has a play-for-fun casino site at Wagerworks.com, so it’s got its foot in the door. But Nevada licenses may be years in the making, and MGM has to stay on top of things in this growing market.

What’s more, MGM Mirage’s name recognition and an existing online casino presence will be invaluable if Internet wagering ever gets the green light in the U.S. But that doesn’t mean MGM can afford to take a cavalier approach to things.

Any move that is seen to flaunt U.S. Department of Justice regulations concerning online wagering may adversely affect MGM’s position at home. Representatives from MGM, Sun, and Littlewoods have all said that they will move ahead in a deliberate but cautious manner so as not to jeopardize their land-based interests.

Isle of Man licenses aren’t cheap (they cost £80,000), but the casinos will get what they are paying for. And what they’re paying for – in part, at least – is the prestige that will undoubtedly come from an Isle of Man license.

Nine more online casino licenses will be issued in November, and if all goes well, the Isle of Man will likely become a popular choice for industry heavyweights and Vegas strip operators.

All I can say is, it’s about bloody time the big boys got in the game.…

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Paddy’s Corner

Last month I played in the Victor Poker Cup, a televised poker tournament hosted by Victor Chandler and filmed in the Teddington Studios outside London. This event is definitely going to change the future of TV poker as we know it. Now that everybody has gotten over the novelty of being on television, they are just not going to put up with crapshoot tournaments anymore, and I say this despite the fact that the Irish are known to be very good at crapshoots. At $10,000 a pop, crapshoots just don’t appeal to that many people. The fact that Victor Chandler put this thing together is marvelous; those involved came up with a completely novel idea that the poker players are the stars, and not bit players paying for the privilege to be seen on TV. Jon Shoreman surprised lots of people, including him and me, with his excellent performance as tournament director. All of the players were collected by courtesy cars, all of the marketing people were friendly and helpful, and the hospitality was marvelous. The guy on my right and I shared 18 vodkas during the course of the event, and for the first time in history, I didn’t have any of them.

Barry Shulman and Victor ChandlerThe buy-in for this tournament was £5,000, with the 100 entrants drawn into 10 heats of 10. The structure was so fair that it was unbelievable, as many of the heats lasted 10 hours or more. Apart from structuring the event to make a lot of play, they brought in an idea that if the average stack at any stage was 16 times or less than the big blind, the blinds would stay at that same level for another 15 minutes. On the fourth level in my heat, this rule was brought into play when there were still eight left, which was extraordinary because they called my table “The Heat of Death.” I’m not sure what happened next because I got knocked out. One of the joys of being knocked out was that there was a wonderful hospitality center. Dave “The Devilfish” Ulliott and Marcel “The Flying Dutchman” Luske found a grand piano in some hallway close by, added a few volunteers, and started playing “Blueberry Hill” over and over again. It made for a great atmosphere. I’ve been at events where security would be called if someone decided to enjoy themselves.

Now, I don’t want to sound like I’m slagging off any other events at which I’ve also been treated well, but this is evolution for you. I honestly thought that television poker was going to kill itself, because the people who were designing the buy-ins and the structures weren’t paying for the buy-ins themselves. Another completely novel aspect of this event was that Victor Chandler and his marketing people were personally talking to all the players who had been knocked out and asking them how they felt about the event and what improvements, if any, they thought could be made. That’s pretty novel, isn’t it? Victor Chandler could set a new precedent by having a poker guy present when the TV editing is done. I’ve played at lots of these events in the past where the people doing the editing knew lots about television but not much about tournament poker, and the result has been that the commentators have had to comment on some of the most boring hands in the tournament while the real stuff was left on the cutting room floor.

From an Irish point of view, there were several top Irish players involved and some others. Included were Donnacha O’Dea, Noel Furlong, Rory Liffey, Paul Leckey, Ivan Donnaghy, Liam Flood, Sean Murphy, and myself. More good news is that I’m reliably informed that Victor Chandler Poker’s next move will be to run a big tournament in Ireland.

Leaving Las Vegas

I was told to inject a bit of Irish humor in this column, and I can’t think of a better place to start than Irish poker champion Alan Betson, who has probably said five of the 10 funniest things I’ve ever heard at a poker table. Normally, you’d bet the farm on Alan Betson to win a battle of wits with anybody, but I recently had the pleasure of witnessing a very close contest when Alan took on a Las Vegas taxi driver on the driver’s home turf.

Veronique and I were stumbling half asleep through the corridors of the Golden Nugget, holding our suitcases and headed for the airport for our flight back to Paris, when Alan Betson emerged from a room on the route slightly worse for the wear. It was a pretty good result considering that Alan had spent 28 hours in the company of Big Al from Cork and only 58 minutes in bed, and he managed to communicate that he would be in favor of sharing our taxi to the airport.

Veronique and I sat in the back while Alan sat in the front beside the taxi driver. Alan immediately pulled his baseball cap down to the tip of his nose and lay back in the seat. The taxi driver was even more animated than the normal Las Vegas version. He drove with one hand and held his coffee cup in the other, and he was extremely polite, because he insisted on turning around to face us while he was talking. After the driver had given us his opinions on just about everything, he started telling anti-French jokes while intermittently giving us the only line he knew from Viva Las Vegas, which was “Viva Las Vegas.” Alan, whom we all assumed to be asleep, raised his baseball cap slightly and said, “I assume this is your idea of working on your tip.” He then went right back to the position he’d been in before.

Immediately after this, the taxi driver spotted an accident on the other side of the motorway involving a taxi from his company that was facing in the wrong direction. As it looked like there hadn’t been any serious injuries, this wasn’t of particular concern to any of us except the taxi driver. He proceeded to spend the next 10 minutes wondering if his colleague’s car had been driving the wrong way on the highway, or maybe it had been spun around after the crash. The taxi man came up with about 10 different theories as to what might have happened, and eventually Alan raised his baseball cap again and said, “Maybe he was just talking nonstop and had a coffee in one hand.” This would have stopped a normal human in his tracks, but not our Las Vegas taxi driver. And despite the fact that Alan had landed two beautiful punches, we had to call the contest an honorable draw.

There’s a poker terpercaya lesson in this somewhere, and it’s probably that having all the talent isn’t enough. Some guy who is really dogged might manage to bridge the gap. If a guy with total commitment can withstand two knockout punches and get up off the floor, it’s probably because he doesn’t know that he should have been knocked out.

Elvis Has Left the Building

You’ll have to have a wooden heart not to shed a tear for this one. There was a raffle in the Brighton poker room last month for a car valued at £26,000, and the first ticket out of the drum belonged to player and crooner Bruce “Elvis Senior” Atkinson. But you have to be there to get the prize, and despite a frantic search, Bruce could not be found. Many people remember where they were when Elvis died, and I think Bruce will remember all of his life where he was when that ticket came out. Atkinson lost all claims to the car and there was a redraw. It was a classic case of “Return to Sender.” ´…

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Enter the Domino99 Big Guns

Who will win this season’s UEFA Champions League?

All we know for sure so far is that Real Madrid will not make it four in a row.

Los Blancos’ submission before an ebullient Ajax was a death long foretold, with the exits of Cristiano Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane in the close season and the cack-handed hiring and firing of Julen Lopetegui sure signs of a listing ship about to keel over.

Four teams have already made it to the quarter-finals but none were among the pre-season favourites: Ajax, Manchester United, Porto and Tottenham Hotspur.

This week we will know the other eight, with bigger Domino99 cannons being rolled out on deck. If the second legs throw up no shocks then Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Manchester City will be in the hat as well.

Atleti have the incentive of the final this year being played at their new home ground, the Wanda Metropolitano, and looked imperious in the first leg, winning 2-0. However, it is too early to write off the runaway Serie A leaders, Ronaldo and the cauldron of the Juventus stadium hauling back two goals. Los Colchoneros are favourites but this tie is far from over.

The same night, Tuesday, Manchester City host Schalke 3-2 up from the first leg. It is hard to see Pep Guardiola’s team squandering three away goals but the fact Schalke breached their defence twice in Gelsenkirchen will keep them on their toes. A strange rumour surfaced last week that the Catalan will swap the Etihad for Juve next season. But if he captures an unprecedented four cups in a season..?

Barcelona and Bayern both drew their away legs 0-0, the lack of away goals rendering their goalless draws less an advantage than they might appear. While the Camp Nou should prove too much for Lyon, the Bayern v Liverpool clash on Wednesday should be a real cracker.

Jurgen Klopp has plenty of history with the Bavarians, not least the 2013 final with Borussia Dortmund. His rejuvenated Liverpool were beaten finalists too last season and are hungry for success this season domestically as well as in Europe. Bayern however are seemingly perennial inhabitants of the last four of the Champions League and at home must start as favourites.

While Real failed to match their five straight European Cups from the 1950s, Spanish league teams have won the last five Champions Leagues. A win in 2019 for Atletico Madrid or Barcelona would equal England’s six in a row streak between 1977 and 1982.

After Spurs and Man Utd’s unlikely advances last week, the possibility remains of half the last eight coming from one country.

Now Real’s latest golden age is over, if Atleti or Barca are not to keep La Liga’s flag flying at the summit of Europe, then it could be the start of another English reign.…

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Judi Bola Spring is here and bingo is a popular choice

The vast realm of bingo takes care of a party so that March is available in March, just can’t resist these puns), the celebration would go towards St. Patrick’s Day as well as other family members. The month. Easter time Sunday. Enjoy delicious delights and pampering for these special days.

The children look forward to easter eggs filled with chocolate mussels. You will also find handsome men throughout the house tossed by that mother. Adults also have plenty of Easter eggs in large sizes, full of lots of money that make Easter fun and lucrative on many bingo portals.

April is a big month when we make a big splash by turning our umbrellas. We sing “Singing while It is Raining, singing while It is Raining, exactly how a glorious feeling it is, I am happy again”, because the raindrops water the grass, flower beds, and vegetable crops.

April is Earth Day. This day is about saving the world we live in. It has become a global day’s parent company, raising awareness across the globe about how to save the planet from its harsh atmosphere.

Image result for Enjoy Play Judi Bola Bingo Online Games

Bingo promotions start all seeds with the birth of April and Earth’s Day. Slots has exclusive tournaments and cash prizes due to the fact that the entire world is involved. There may be a special Valentine’s Day bingo pattern. It is too early to tell, but if you’re a gambler and place a bet on the odds, there could be a high chance for you.

June brings the eb, the summer time. This is a glorious time of year with lots of sunshine and blooming roses in all of their splendor. Due to the accumulation of weather, bingo offers for the year include new parties, huge bonuses, and exclusive promotions.

Nature has four seasons that are a wonderful treat for us all. Each season has its own charm that brings joy and anticipation for the next.

Spring is finally here! It brings with it a new crop, huge Jackpot Winners, and the rebirth a large number Full House 90 ball winners. You are the pot of gold, rainbows!…

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Plenty at stake before the J. Qq Online League takes recess

The J. League gears up for a five week recess following this weekend’s round of action, with plenty at stake for clubs at both ends of the table.

Consadole Sapporo kick off the weekend against Nagoya Grampus, and the two sides could hardly be experiencing more contrasting fortunes. Sapporo remain second-from-bottom despite their most recent 2-1 win away at Omiya Ardija. Second placed Nagoya were held to a 0-0 draw at home by Vissel Kobe in their most recent clash, with both of those matches taking place in atrocious conditions as wet weather continues to plague the league.

There’s a high profile clash at Saitama Qq Online Stadium as Urawa Reds host Gamba Osaka, and the Reds can thank an errant linesman’s flag for their 1-0 win over Kawasaki Frontale at a packed Todoroki Stadium last weekend. Edmilson had opened the scoring from the penalty spot for Urawa, however Kawasaki looked to have equalised through Hiroyuki Taniguchi – only for his effort to be chalked off due to an offside flag, despite the fact that Urawa midfielder Nobuhisa Yamada appeared to be playing Taniguchi onside.

Kyoto Sanga FC have dropped into the relegation zone following a 1-0 defeat away at bottom club JEF United, and they will take on Yokohama F. Marinos in the unfamiliar surrounds of Kagoshima’s Kamoike Stadium. Kyoto have attracted large crowds to their Nishikyogoku Stadium home this season, however they cannot rely on home advantage when they ‘host’ Marinos at the 36,000-capacity Kamoike Stadium on the southern island of Kyushu – hundreds of kilometres from their Kyoto base.

Elsewhere Jubilo Iwata take on high-flying FC Tokyo at Yamaha Stadium, Kashima Antlers host Kashiwa Reysol, bottom club JEF United welcome Oita Trinita to the Fukuda Denshi Arena, Kawasaki Frontale take on Omiya Ardija at Todoroki Stadium, while on Sunday Vissel Kobe take on Albirex Niigata and Tokyo Verdy welcome Shimizu S-Pulse to Ajinomoto Stadium looking to avenge a recent 5-0 thrashing in the League Cup.

In J2 the highlight fixtures see Sagan Tosu host Sanfrecce Hiroshima, Cerezo Osaka welcome second placed Shonan Bellmare to Nagai Stadium, Vegalta Sendai take on mid-table Montedio Yamagata, while Yokohama FC clash with Avispa Fukuoka at Mitsuzawa Stadium.

J1 clubs will return to league action on June 28, however the three final group stage games of the Nabisco League Cup are set down for May 25, May 31 and June 8.

Alex Miller signs on as coach of JEF United

Having sacked Croatian coach Josip Kuze just 24-hours after claiming that he had the club’s full support, JEF United have signed former Rangers star and Liverpool first-team coach Alex Miller to take over as coach of the embattled Chiba side.

Miller watched from the stands as United beat Kyoto Sanga FC under the watchful eye of assistant coach Shigeo Sawairi, but the Scotsman will need to make a swift transition from the English Premier League to the J. League, with the Chiba Dogs still five points behind Consadole Sapporo at the foot of the table.

The cashed-up United will reportedly pay Miller an annual salary of 500,000 pounds and they are also keen on trying to lure unsettled Newcastle United striker Michael Owen to the J. League. Owen came through the ranks at Liverpool during Miller’s time as first-team coach, and with the Chiba side desperate to find a goalscorer – they’ve scored a paltry nine goals in 12 games played this season, United could be set to launch an audacious bid for the England star.

AFC Champions League

Gamba Osaka booked their place in the knock-out stages of the AFC Champions League by beating Thai outfit Chonburi FC 2-0 at Supachalasai Stadium in Bangkok on May 7.

Substitute Masato Yamazaki opened the scoring for the Osakans just seconds after entering the fray, before Lucas Severino wrapped up the points with a late second. Gamba have an unassailable lead at the top of Group G with one match remaining.

Kashima Antlers, meanwhile, are locked in a neck-and-neck battle with Beijing Guoan FC for a place in the final eight. The two sides are locked on 12 points with one game remaining, however with Kashima possessing a vastly superior goal difference, the Ibaraki outfit will progress should the two teams remain level on points at the end of the group stage.

Defending champions Urawa Reds will join the competition at the quarter-final stage, with the draw set to be announced on May 24.

Japan National Teams

Takeshi Okada has named his squad for the upcoming Kirin Cup set to take place between May 22 – 27, with European-based trio Shunsuke Nakamura, Daisuke Matsui and Makoto Hasebe all receiving call-ups.

Kawasaki Frontale defender Yusuke Igawa was the only surprise inclusion, although Urawa midfielder Keita Suzuki and strikers Seiichiro Maki and Ryoichi Maeda of JEF United and Jubilo Iwata were also called up, despite having missed much of the season through injury so far.

Japan take on the Ivory Coast on May 24, before clashing with Paraguay three days later.

Meanwhile Japan under-23 coach Yasuharu Sorimachi has dropped lanky FC Tokyo striker Sota Hirayama from a squad that will take part in an international tournament at the end of the month, preferring instead to call up Catania striker Takayuki Morimoto and Urawa Reds youngster Sergio Escudero.

Japan take on the Netherlands, hosts France and Chile at the Toulon international tournament, with particular interest in the clash between the Netherlands and Japan, who face each other in Group B of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. The USA and Nigeria are Japan’s other opponents at the Olympics, with Sorimachi’s team looking to become the first to win a medal since Japan claimed bronze at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City.…

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Sudamericano Sub 17: Team of the Situs Judi Online tournament

Earlier this month Iquique, Chile played host to the 2009 Sudamericano Sub 17 and the finest youngsters on the continent turned up to showcase their talents. Despite the hosts bowing out in the first round group stage the tournament’s momentum carried through to a pulsating clasico final which saw Brazil beat Argentina after a marathon penalty shootout. Scouts from all of Europe’s top clubs were in the stands as well as Situs Judi Online representatives from the U.S.A., Japan and everywhere else which knows where the best crop of new talent can be found. Brazil’s left-back Dodo secured a dream move to Manchester United after impressing during the competition and will no doubt line up against his teammate Philippe Coutinho of Inter Milan in the Champions League someday soon. Here is my team of the tournament, names that will no doubt be impressing in international competitions for the next 15 years or more.

GK: Damian Martinez – Argentina – C.A. Independiente

This trusty custodian must have spend a fair time of his adolescence in the grow bag because before a ball was even kicked his 1.82 metre frame had him marked out as a goalkeeper of some repute. It was when the action started however that Martinez really began to establish himself as one of the finds of the tournament. In Argentina’s win or bust final group game against Uruguay two remarkably brave saves at the feet of Gonzalo Barreto kept his side in the box seat as they went on to claim the points. In the final he was unstuck by two Brazilian strikes that grazed the post before going in, seemingly the only place in the goal that remained outside his gargantuan reach. Martinez also distinguished himself in the deciding penalties that followed, particularly with one midair diving save to deny Philippe Coutinho. Unfortunately for the glovesman and his team Martinez’s efforts were in vain as Wellington won it for Brazil with the 18th spotkick of the shootout. Still the Independiente man can look back on a tournament of personal achievement and it is only a matter of time now until his club start to receive some mouth watering offers for his services.

RB: Renato Zapata – Peru – Universitario

Peru’s captain Renato Zapata has been pulling on the red sash of his country since the age of 14 and was the driving force in his team’s campaign which ultimately ending in tears. Countless interceptions and lung busting drives up the right flank got Peru out of trouble time and time again during the tournament. Another aspect of Zapata’s game that helped his side in advanced positions was his throw-in technique which involves tossing the ball in the air, catching it and pelting it into the box from anywhere inside the opposition’s half. After starting the competition with two bruising defeats it was Zapata who stroked in from 12 yards against Bolivia as Peru toppled one of the tournament’s most stingiest backlines. Zapata made his presence felt in every third of the pitch during that game, organizing the defence, creating in midfield and coolly slotting home his penalty when the time came. As with Damian Martinez however Zapata will look back on his final game with regret as he was penalized rather harshly for a handball in the box against Colombia as Peru fell to a defeat which spelt their elimination. Zapata will be back and if his development continues at the present rate he will be a force to be reckoned with when the Sudamericano Sub 20 rolls around.

CB: Diego Polenta – Uruguay – Genoa (ITA)

Another player who oozed leadership during the tournament was Uruguay’s skipper Diego Polenta. Well before the tournament Polenta had already secured his move to Europe as he linked up with Serie A outfit Genoa. The Italians have certainly brought well if Polenta’s seven games at this year’s Sudamericano Sub 17 are anything to go by. Positionally aware, robust in the challenge and dominant in the air Polenta is a stopper who loves the art of defending. Occasionally he will join the attack for set plays but as a rule Polenta treats the halfway line as his own personal electric fence and is happy to bring the ball out from the back and lay it off to a teammate rather than whacking a panicked clearance up front. There was the odd occasion when Polenta went in a tad recklessly but surely this is something that will be taught out of him as he spends more and more time in Italy. The captain’s settling effect on his teammates was all the more evident when he was withdrawn for the final minutes in their opener against Chile. Uruguay went from bossing the game 3-0 to leaking like a sieve at the other end and could have easily surrendered their handsome lead had the game continued any longer. It is doubtful that we will see Polenta in competitive action for Genoa anytime soon but he is held in very high regard in his homeland with a future with the senior side already mapped out.

CB: Yeison Murillo – Colombia – Soacha F.C.

Most successful centre-back partnerships combine brains and brawn and Yeison Murillo’s no nonsense approach stood Colombia in good stead as they booked their place at this yea’sr Sub 17 World Cup in Nigeria. Colombia is currently enjoying a bumper crop of talented stoppers and Murillo looks like he will follow in the footsteps of Ivan Cordoba and the like as he continues to progress. Starting alongside next to Colombia’s ball playing skipper Juan Camilo Saiz it was left to Murillo to stick to the bulky strikers who tried knocking on the door of the Colombian goal. Murillo had no problem sticking the likes of Gilbert Alvarez of Bolivia or Luis Celi of Ecuador in his back pocket and snuffing out their threat. Even more encouraging however was the way he and Saiz dealt with Brazil’s constant threat in their first round encounter. Stars of the tournament and eventually winners Joao Pedro, Felipinho, Coutinho and Wellington were all denied by the muscle and intelligence of Murillo and his colleagues as Colombia secured a well earned 2-0 victory. If Colombia can keep this solid platform together at the back there is no reason why they cannot push on at the World Cup and fans can be sure that these boys will not let down the senior team when their time comes.

LB: Dodo – Brazil – Manchester United (ENG)

Brazilian full-backs will always whet the appetite of football fans, picture Carlos Alberto in Mexico 1970 or even Rafael Da Silva scoring for Manchester United against Arsenal this season. Everybody knows they are going to give just as much, if not more, going forward as they will in defence. Sir Alex must be happy with his Da Silva twins because now he has waded back into Brazil for his latest recruit. Needless to say Brazil’s left-back did get amongst the goals during the tournament and his height made him a constant threat from set-pieces. He did appear defensively solid when called upon and physically is a much different than the Da Silva twins, stocky body and about as tall as Fabian sat on Rafael’s shoulders. He will not officially become a Manchester United player until his 18th birthday next year but will be invited to train at Carrington from time to time as he makes the transition. With the trend to get the Brazilians over at a younger age hopefully their attacking instincts will not give way totally to European discipline. That being said Dodo is putting himself in one of the safest pairs of hands going by making the switch to Old Trafford.

RM: Philippe Coutinho – Brazil – Inter Milan (ITA)

A few people left Chile a little disappointed with what they had seen of Philippe Coutinho such was the hype surrounding the player. The burgeoning reputation meant he was paid close attention by opposition managers, often having three players stuck to him as he tried to muster a piece of magic. One moment that will restored belief to fans of Brazil and Inter Milan was a superbly taken strike against Argentina in the final. That he chose the final to produce his best moment suggests that he not grow into the type of the player who goes missing at the critical time. A label which at least one superstar will inevitable be bestowed with on the final whistle in Rome on Wednesday. Even with distinguishing himself with the curled finished in the final Coutinho was by no means a passenger in the Brazilian team, chipping in with his fair share of goals and Wellington in particular benefiting from the extra space the close marking of the Inter player allowed. With Jose set to stay on at Inter it will not be long now until he will start to blood this promising Brazilian who watches his countryman Kaka wowing the San Siro every other week.

CM: Samuel Galindo – Bolivia – Real America

Samuel Galindo is far too stylish a player to dubbed a hatchetman but his bulk had opposition midfielders quaking in their boots and their managers asking for a look at the 16-year-old’s birth certificate. With his gaping stride eating up the turf Galindo was central to all of Bolivia’s outstanding play during the tournament which saw them agonizingly miss out on a World Cup final spot after defeat to Uruguay in their last game. Galindo’s box to box running caught the eye as he disrupted attacks and launched his own team forward by taking games by the scruff of the neck and never shirking his responsibility as captain. As well as providing the bullets for lone frontman Gilbert Alvarez he also showed the kind of composure in front of goal which his teammate lacked on so many occasions. Galindo personified his manager Oscar Camara’s philosophy on the pitch as he used superior technique and tactical awareness to roll over inferior opposition. Galindo best individual performance came in the final group stage as he mastermind his team’s 4-1 annihilation of Ecuador. Hopefully the team as a whole can put the disappointment of Iquique behind them as they graduate through the ranks because a talented bunch have a awesome talisman in Galindo.

LM: Zezinho – Brazil- E.C. Juventude

The invisible man who kept Brazil ticking throughout the tournament showed himself very early in the competition’s final. An opportunistic strike off his cultured left peg put Brazil into the lead against Argentina in the first five minutes as he set his country on course for victory. Invisible is perhaps an unfair term for the midfielder but it is true that Zezinho does most of his good work away for the epicentre of the action with tireless running and constantly creating space for others to play. He does have a deadly weapon attached to his left leg as he not only scored a spectacular strike in the final abut also in Brazil’s opener. Again a thunderbolt from outside the box left a hapless goalkeeper flapping at thin air as he found the onion bag in Brazil’s 4-0 demolition of Paraguay. For his combination of tenacious tackling and sparks of genius around the box he is compared favourably with Anderson who also excelled at this level even thought the Manchester United man was in far more evidence in the final third in his younger days. It maybe a sign of what these boys believe Europe’s top clubs are looking for that Zezinho was more than happy to show off the uglier aspects of his game rather than concentrate on the goalscoring talent he clearly possesses.

RF: Wellington – Brazil – Fluminense F.C.

Arsene is interested was the word on the street as Wellington’s reputation grew and grew with every minute he spent on the pitch. After playing his part as Brazil scored seven in their first two games of the competition Wellington himself had to …

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Online Gambling – Agen Slot

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What has made the online gambling model concepts popular is that Casino are vast worlds of a variety and exhilarating when it comes to gaming and gambling. When you are one of those who prefer playing the game online for instance you will enjoy an unlimited world of exciting games you can enjoy. The common casino games and the popular ones are those where players can enjoy the games without paying a penny. Some if the most of the exciting games would require you to pay something and then start playing but there are some good games that you can play enjoy without playing anything.

The internet is alive with activity from all quarters of Toto HK business, fun and learning. What ever happens online is bound to face stern competition. This hive of activity over the internet has created good opportunity for scammers as many people flock into the internet for different reasons. In online gambling you need to play it safe. The only way of playing it safe is to make sure you identify those websites which are legal and reliable. What you will need to do is to run a good search for reliable online casino websites. You can get information about these from forums where users leave some feedback about these sites. Make sure you play online Casino games in trusted sites and be safe from scams.…

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Lee Chun-soo: Big Mouth, Big Togel Talent


Register with bet365 to qualify for up to £100 in Free Bets. Your first bet will be matched (up to £25) with 3 x free bets (up to £25) available once you’ve placed an additional 10, 20 and 30 bets of £5 or more with bet365.

His mouth has always been as big as his talent – but such a combination is hardly unique to Lee Chun-soo.

Dutch legend Johann Cruyff was as talkative off the pitch as he was supremely gifted on it, and Diego Maradona was hardly shy on either side of the white line.

Lee is not in the same league as those two world stars, but as one of Korea’s best and most famous players, he makes headlines on and off the field.

He has done both over the past few days.

Last Tuesday evening, he was in action for the national team in London. The opposition was Greece; a physical team with a style of play modeled more on the mighty Ajax than the wily Odysseus. It was Lee, however, who demonstrated that, on the Togel pitch at least, he has as many tricks up his sleeve as the king of ancient Ithaca.

Twelve minutes from time with the score goalless, the 25-year-old curled home a free-kick of rare precision and power.

It proved to be the only goal of the game and was a worthy winner.

The Korean media went wild with delight and Lee, a player who is prone to saying what he feels and thus provoking strong feelings among fans in his homeland, was universally lauded all across the Land of the Morning Calm. It was fitting that just after missing out on a move to England in January that the winger should have excelled in London, in front of a host of scouts and agents.

More than a few of those would have been relieved that Lee’s proposed move to Wigan Athletic of the English Premier League fell through and therein lies the problem.

Lee’s Korean club, Ulsan Hyundai Horang-I, declared that Wigan pulled the plug but the player’s version of events is different as he told the media in no uncertain terms.

Returning to Incheon International Airport, supposedly to join his club in preseason training later this week, he was met by a throng of eager reporters. The scribes wanted a word with the man of the hour and were as surprised as anyone as he dropped a bombshell that may have been best left at customs.

“Ulsan has to promise to help me get a transfer to Europe in July,” the baseball cap-wearing star announced.

“If they don’t, I may just rest for the next six months.”

Amid the squeaking wheels of the trolleys, the instant evaporation of the goodwill that was felt toward Lee could be heard.

The reaction to his threat was almost universally negative. Certainly his club was none too pleased.

More so, as the star also demanded that Ulsan sell him cheaply or follow the example set by of neighbors Pohang Steelers who let Lee Dong-gook join Middlesbrough for free in January.

After paying almost $3 million to buy him back from Real Sociedad in 2005, Ulsan are unlikely to do so especially as the younger Lee has more than12 months left on his contract, while the older one had less than two.

“The club is not a charity,” sniffed Ulsan president Kim Hyong-ryeong.

Lee’s remarks were more along the lines of giving vent to his understandable frustrations at not playing in one of the world’s best leagues than any arrogance – but he needs to be careful.

A self-imposed exile however would not only see the player lose his place on the national team, as Ahn Jung-hwan knows only too well, it would also cost him his chance to strut his stuff at July’s Asian Cup – a continental competition and global magnet for scouts and coaches.

With the Lee Chun-soo stock rising abroad, it would be foolish to give the impression that he is a troublemaker.

Any coach will admit that a new signing is a gamble; one from overseas more so and interested parties could be forgiven for thinking twice about importing a player who may refuse to play if he doesn’t get his way.

After he was banned for six games for swearing at a referee only three months ago, Lee promised to become more mature.

As a player, he is doing nicely, but as a person, there is still some way to go.…

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Mt. Gox Restitution Process Frozen Due to One Man’s $16B Claim | Shelter Crypto | Shelter Humanity | Charity Token Homeless | Charity Coin

Mt. According to Daniel Kelman, Coinlab has filed a claim for Y=1.7 trillionyen (16 billion dollars), which is more than any claimant could file.

Also, read Markets Update: Traders Patiently Watch for Crypto’s Endless Bear Run

Coinlab’s Mt. Coinlab’s Mt.

Mt. The Mt. Customers who suffered losses from the trading platform have tried to recover the 200,000 BTC that was later found after the breach. Many bankruptcy proceedings have taken place and many dealings were had with the Tokyo court trustee. This case also became a civil rehabilitation proceeding. The Mt. Coinlab is making Gox’s restitution process take longer than it should. More about Shelter Crypto

The company could extend its reach and completely disrupt distribution to Mt. Gox creditors. Coinlab is owned by Peter Vessenes, the former Chair of Bitcoin Foundation. According to Tokyo public documents, Coinlab claims Mt. Gox. Coinlab claims outnumber all creditors by a wide margin. If it succeeds, then other claimants may be left without a claim.

Tokyo has received documents from Mt Gox. Coinlab seeks $16 billion to “Breach the license agreement.”

Coinlab allegedly acquired the rights to Canadian and U.S. Mt. rights in 2012 through a deal made with Mark Karpeles. Gox customers. Coinlab was unable to obtain licensure in these countries and the deal fell apart. Mt. Gox was sued by Mt. for breaching contract in May 2013, for $75 million. Multiple sources, including former Mt. Coinlab’s lawsuit has made matters worse for all creditors, according to Mark Karpeles (Gox CEO). In May 2017, Karpeles sent an open letter to Peter Vessenes, Coinlab, in the hopes of persuading him to settle the case for $5M.

“This lawsuit is not Coinlab against the Mt. Gox, not Coinlab vs. Mt. Karpeles explained that Gox customers are now creditors and have done nothing wrong to be involved in this.”…

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